Home News Terrifying Russian sea worm ‘screams’ because it’s pulled from the depths

Terrifying Russian sea worm ‘screams’ because it’s pulled from the depths


A Russian fisherman has sparked a flurry of exercise on social media after posting a video of a scary-looking sea worm.

Roman Fedortsov, who isn’t any stranger to discovering creatures from the deep, even added a pretend scream to the video to make it a bit extra creepy.

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‘Typically within the trawl I discover [things like this],” he wrote. “If this creature might scream, it will scream like this …’ he wrote.

The truth is, the little beastie he’s pulled up from the ocean is pretty widespread.

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It’s believed to be a marine bristle worm and within the video it may be seen opening and shutting its mouth whereas retracting its head.

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A Russian bristle worm (Picture: Twitter/ @rfedortsov)

There are over 10,000 totally different species of this worm and so they dwell all around the ocean – in each freezing chilly Arctic waters and heat hydrothermal vents.

We’re undecided what ever occurred to this specific one, however hopefully it was put again into the water to proceed about its enterprise.


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