Jean-Jacques Savin barrel Stocked With Wine, Foie Gras.

So far, Jean-Jacques Savin’s barrel is “behaving well.” Hopefully it will continue to do so, as the barrel—actually a large “barrel-shaped orange capsule,” per the BBC—is transporting the 71-year-old Frenchman on a monthslong journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The former pilot, park ranger, and military paratrooper set off Wednesday from Spain’s Canary Islands, with the Caribbean as his final destination—the nearest islands of which are about 2,800 miles away, per Deutsche Welle. This is no Niagara Falls-style barrel (check out AFP’s pictures here). Savin’s vessel is crafted of resin-coated plywood that’s designed to resist both waves and killer whales, with a solar panel that will give him enough juice for GPS and communications. The $68,000 Savin needed for this trip was raised mainly through crowdfunding; his adventure is being documented on Facebook.

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